Music Group

Who are They?

Are they a band? Ernesto Vs. Bastian, who are they? They are just the masterminds behind the Dark Side Of The Moon album. They are one of the first dynamic duos who started the trend of trance music. Ernesto Vs. Bastian has been in the biggest open-air concerts featuring their originals. Their music gained many loyal supporters who would play their music on Amsterdam holiday. Being in the limelight was a good thing though they never asked for it. They started with an ambition of creating their own music the fans and stardom just came after. This is what happens when you do things out of pure love. If you haven’t listened to their originals yet, it’s about time for you to add diversity to your song choices.

Where are They Now?

Ernesto Vs. Bastian swam the tides of stardom. There were highs and lows because people change. There was a time when they prepped up for a big concert,  but they failed to hit the numbers right. It was a learning experience for them. Despite decreasing numbers of supporters, they still went on. Today, they still do what they love to do, create music.  Trance music is finding its way back again to the mainstream. It goes to show that people miss them and their music.

We haven't heard from these two for quite some time now. But this year, there will be surprises. It's been a while since they released their last album, but their solid fans are raving for more. Edwin Koelewijn is still doing mixes on the side while Ernst van der Meij still collaborates with him. They are also looking into some genre they can add to their creations. Once they release it, one thing for sure, fans will be on the edge of their seat.

See Them Play Live

What's fun about music is the collaboration. Ernesto Vs. Bastian collaborates with other musicians and composers. There will be live concerts so stay tuned for updates. If you love trance, pop, RnB and rock music, you cannot miss these events. There will be other DJs and dashing artists to complete the night. But most of all, Ernesto Vs. Bastian will be there to trance-your-world.

Reinventing Trance Music

Not a common taste of music lovers but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Trance is a whole mixture of different genre compiling them for a good mix. The music itself gives the listeners a bizarre feel with an intoxicating fusion between music and imagination. What we love about trance music is, there is liberty of creativity that conquers every song. Reinventing trance could not only invigorate the Amsterdam Heineken experience in all of us but it also stirrup originality and individualism of those who listen. This the character of trance music that made Ernesto Vs. Bastian instantly obsessed with it.