Subgenres of Trance Music

You think you love trance? Let's see if you are familiar with these subgenres of trance music. You probably heard one or two of them, but there are whole other subgenres worth listening to.

Acid Trance

Acid trance emerged in the 90s. It was the crowd favourite in Belgium's famous Rave 24. The acidic sound can be produced by any electronic piano. Roland TB-303 was the darling of acid trance composers because it has the features to alter the frequency, modulating the sound, and it has accent controls to give the composition more personality. Acid trance is quite an old music, but you can still hear it being played in Amsterdam canal tour.

Emotional attributes: Psychedelic, Lightness, Positivity

Hard Trance

For people who like heavy music, hard trance is the one. The bass and percussions dominate hard trance music. It became formally known during mid-2000.  A hard trance composition is made through reverberation and side chaining techniques. Due to the heaviness of hard trance music, it is often morphed into several styles such as jumpstyle and gabber.

Hard trance place of origin is from Germany in the early 1990s , The Netherlands, and Belgium began to splinter off then hard trance was born. A website reported that thousands of people gather in European raves to hear the hard rance soundtrack. The UK got its introduction to hard trance courtesy of the underground gay techno scene. If you want to attend a gig like this you can visit web Traffic experts and know more about hard trance. The music is performed by strong kicks, full bass, and reverberating beats around 140-180 beats per minute (BPM). Some of the Notable artists are Space Frog, Embargo, Cinderella and Trance Generators.

Emotional attributes: Dark, Deep, Slow, Relaxed

Progressive Trance

Progressive trance is more diverse compared to other subgenres. The stylistic nature of progressive trance gives it a modern-feel vibe. Teens would have this kind of music downloaded to their mp3 while in a boat rental Amsterdam without knowing that they are already listening to trance. Younger generations tend to appreciate progressive trance because it is commonly being merged with mainstream music genres such as pop and rock.

Emotional attributes: Energetic, Confidence, Flamboyance

Uplifting Trance

This subgenre is the most common trance music we have. The uplifting trance consists of lead synth, treble, and bass. This music is more balanced in terms of style, heaviness, and tempo which is why it suits more groups of people. Uplifting trance is a mixture of classical and modern music. Uplifting trance is like listening to the best of both worlds of the past and the present. It is perfect for people who like to listen to music while thinking.

Emotional attributes: Euphoric, Energetic, Stimulating