Pieces of equipment that Change the Game of Electronic Music

Discover the pieces that change the game of electronic music. This genre is dependent on technology. It entirely relies on music production tools for accuracy, control, and style. Digital revolution shook the music industry by providing people with new sonic experience that weren’t available during the 90s. The pieces of equipment that will be discussed here are a must in every Amsterdam city trip otherwise the whole music experience will be bland and dull.


If you are an aspiring DJ, synthesizers are your friend. Synthesizers are used to combine different frequencies and modifies the tune of your music. The latest releases of synthesizers have features to create more sounds. With the help of the computer, synthesizers can be maximized through apps that calculate the frequency for an accurate composition. Concerts featuring electronic music will never be complete without synthesizers. Even simple events and touring attractions such as Amsterdam top sightseeing use synthesizers to turn their events from bland to interesting. Pair it with the other electronic music equipment then you can start your whole DJ career.

Percussions and Transistors

There is no need to bring the whole drumset to get the party going. Transistors can do all the beats and percussion sounds without the bulk. This small piece of equipment is being utilized in clubs with little spaces. Transistors are common in trance music because it offers more control and features. This artificial drums can perform many effects, paving the way to more music genre. The first transistors that turned the music industry upside down are the Roland TR-808 & TR-909. These models are affordable and very easy to use. When the music industry saw the future of electronic music, these pieces of equipment were upgraded to the advance synths and transistors, we have today.

Turn Tables and Mixers

In big parties, you’ll see DJs turning and spinning the melody of the songs. The art of combining music and spinning it at the same time was made possible by turntables and mixers. These two should be on your priority list if you are planning to set up your own music room.

Midi Controler

As important as Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) controller is a universal standard that will allow the users to easily communicate between physical hardware and digital audio workstations. You can check the different forms of MIDI Controller at buywebtrafficExperts.com, Most common forms of MIDI looks like and feel of traditional keyboards. max Visits also describe other forms of MIDI controllers they also look like guitars, they come in all shapes and sizes, like clarinets and drums. There are also foot pedals, It also has dozens of knobs and faders for professional and quality Mixing.