Do you collaborate with new artists who are trying to make a name in electronic music?

Yes. Ernesto Vs. Bastian embraces the diversity of trance music. More heads contributing to the masterpieces make it more beautiful and undefined.

What synths and transistors you use when making your music?

We are quite experimental when it comes to these pieces of equipment. But we love working with our Akai S1000 and MPC Series and Roland TB-303. They are full of features and effects we love to use in our music.

Would you be hosting concerts this year?

Totally. We have rested for quite a while. Composers like us need a break from the limelight too. After this long break, we are invigorated to create more music and layout for the fans the masterpieces we haven’t released yet.

What is the greatest piece of advice you could give to starters in this field?

We don’t want to be cheesy but it’s all about hard work and resilience. When we launched our first album, we had no idea whether people would like it or not. But, we launched it anyway. When it was not getting enough attention to keep it going, we released more songs. Eventually, we got a number of fans who supported our endeavour. We would not reach this state if we have given up so early.

What is your favourite style of trance music?

There is no favourite. We like to play and mix songs from a different genre. We add our personal vibe to it so we can create our own “style”. All styles of trance music are beautiful so it’s considerably impossible to choose.

Where can we find you?

We are all over the internet.  Find us here: Electrosoul, Lumination, Musick, and Poison Club. If you are a new fan, you may visit about us page. And if you have questions that we haven’t added here, feel free to contact us.

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