About us

We are the Ernesto Vs. Bastian. Our team consist of two people who love trance music. We have worked with several recording companies to help us get our music and style out there. Ernesto Vs. Bastian is the mind behind these high rated albums: Dark Side of the Moon, Being Single, Killer Tone, and Super Jupiter. We also hosted the biggest concerts in the Netherlands and brought the people to cloud 9. If you haven't heard any of these songs, go and listen to them at Beatport and iTunes.

Where to Find Us

If you are an aspiring DJ or composer, we support you. You can find us in different online communities and clubs. We are also collaborating with different artists to create fresh and undefined music. We still play our music in the biggest clubs around the world. If you cannot come, don’t worry. We are all over the internet. Find us here: Electrosoul, Lumination, Musick, and Poison Club.

More Concerts to Come

You haven’t heard from us for quite a while now, but we are happy to announce that there’ll be surprises. We are working with different artists to bring out concerts of the year you should never miss out. We will be playing our greatest hits and as well as freshly brewed songs we haven't released yet.

To all our loyal fans out there, we thank you from the bottom of our trance loving hearts. You are the reason we continue what we do and strive to be better at it.